Cleaning Up Cornwall

At the end of July I took a trip down to Treyarnon beach near Padstow for Nissan and Auto Express to shoot a feature on how car manufacturers are helping in the fight against the tide of plastic waste being washed up on our shores. Beach Guardians, a father and daughter community interest group, regularly organise beach cleans and go out on their own to collect the waste plastics brought in by the tides. That’s where the Navara comes in. Nissan have lent their modified Navara AT32 to reach those hard to get to places.

The brief was fairly simple though we had an early start as the beach was likely to fill up with tourists and we needed to have the off-roader away from sun-seekers as soon as possible.

Our first shoot was in a nearby cave where at high tide plastics are washed in and invariably get wedged. In here we found oil drums, wetsuits, and all manner of other plastics.

My ridiculously bad claustrophobia was kicking in so I was glad to eventually get out of the cave and get some shots of the Navara being put through its paces on the shoreline while the early morning surfers carried on oblivious.

Finally it was the arranged time for volunteers to arrive for a briefing and start the arduous task of cleaning the beach.

Some went off with litter pickers while the majority stayed right at the back of the beach near the dunes. Here they were searching the sand for things called “nurdles”, tiny fragments of plastic that fish   eat thinking they are food.

After an hour we stopped to inspect our haul, pack up and be on our way. Sunshine, sea, sand and education all in one day. Not a bad way to make a living.



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