A quick round up and a promise…

2016 was a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for nearly a year, that is truly shocking! So the dreaded New Year’s resolution has to be to pull my finger about and start blogging a bit more.

Rather than go through each month I thought I’d just pick out a few highlights of the year and some pictures I enjoyed taking.

It’s been a bit of a car-themed year starting off where 2015 finished with my amazing trip to Tokyo. This year has been a bit more UK focussed though and began with a trip to the Nissan plant in Sunderland for a visit with Paralympian David Weir. With Nissan sponsoring UK athletes at the 2016 paralympics the Weirwolf came up to the plant to chat with workers and get a tour around some of the factory.9880-04-01-OEwho

March was once again Geneva Motor Show. This was my 20th Geneva show for Nissan. The year wouldn’t feel right without a trip to Switzerland. Its a great show, nicely compact so I don’t have too far to get to the stands!


In April I had probably the most interesting job of the year. The idea was to fit 70 Renault Twingos into the courtyard of Somerset House and film it from the roof. All before 6.30am.

At 3am I fitted one camera, on a time-lapse, to the roof of the building and a go-pro half way down so I could capture the cars being driven in and parked as the sun came up. Then, just before 6.30 when all the cars were parked I got the shots and everyone disappeared. It was like we were never there. This shot is from the time-lapse and shows the sun just lightening the sky as the cars are positioned. Unfortunately the film is too large to place here but you can see it here


June is Goodwood Festival of Speed time and the best, longest, most exhausting long weekend of the year. Who knew I would be photographing the future Formula One world champion?


I don’t know what it is about the Auto Union’s but I never tire of shooting these incredible machines.


In June I also went down to the Eden Project to shoot a fleet of electric cars that were being delivered to the attraction. We were able to drive a few of them into the biomes which made for some nice and unusual shots


July can only mean one thing. The Roald Dahl carnival. I’ve no idea how many years I’ve covered this and it is always a ridiculously colourful event. This year we were blessed with great weather, but even when it has poured down it is always a riot of colour and (sometimes soggy) papier-mâché.



August saw me up at the Bedford Autodrome mixing with another F1 driver, Jolyon Palmer, from the Renault F1 team. He was thrilling and scaring competition winners in equal measure with laps around the circuit.It was late in the afternoon and the sun was perfect for a bit of atmospheric shooting.


September was spent at back-to-back Motor Shows, firstly the Commercial Vehicle show in Hannover and the week after at Paris Motor Show for the launch of the new Micra.


A freezing night in November was spent in Coventry with Pudsey Bear and Peugeot, leaving mini bears on peoples doorsteps overnight to raise awareness for Children in Need


Finally, my last picture is from early December and wasn’t commissioned. Late November and early December produced some stunning evening skies and I wanted to capture the beauty of one alongside a local landmark at Coombe Hill in the Chilterns. Everything seemed to work and I love the colours of the sky in this shot.


So that’s  it. Round up completed. I promise to try harder this year to get some thoughts together more often.


Oh, by the way, I do shoot a lot more than cars, honest!





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