A summer of sport

I love photographing sport but unfortunately very rarely have the opportunity. This summer, however, I have been lucky that, not only has the Tour of Britain route passed really close, but I have also had two clients closely involved in sporting events.

National Paralympic Day

Firstly Nissan are sponsoring the Road to Rio for both the British Olympic Association (BOA) and the British Paralympic Association (BPA). In August the BPA held a National Paralympics Day at the former Olympic Park. I was commissioned to photograph the various events taking place showing how the brand was seen during these events. Not as easy as it seems as sponsorship boards from a variety of companies were vying for space.





The Tour of Britain

I am lucky to live close to where the 6th stage of the Tour of Britain was held. Not only that but where one of the Category 2 climbs was scheduled at Kop Hill. I wanted to shoot the tour at a climb as I had seen a lot of images from earlier in the tour and all were of the peleton in a bunch racing through a village or countryside. I wanted to get a bit more up close and personal focussing on the strain in the faces of the riders as they battle up this short but tough hill. An added bonus was that they would be going a bit slower so I’d have more time to see them!




Blenheim Horse Trials

The final sporting assignment was at Blenheim Horse Trials where Biffa Waste Services were again sponsoring a fence. Again my task was to show off the branding around the course. I took the opportunity to grab a few personal shots too as I walked the course. Not a bad way to spend a day.







And finally

Not really a sport but sport related. ASDA workers volunteered as Tourmakers during each UK leg of the Tour de France earlier in the summer. This picture was used in their internal communications.



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